Thursday, December 8, 2016

KELLOGG'S: To Boycott or To Join the Anti-Boycott? That is the question we ask of you.

If you are a regular visitor to Breibart, the conservative and controversial news and opinion website, you probably know that it is encouraging readers to boycott Kellogg's products. This came about after the cereal maker announced its decision to stop advertising on the site because of its opposition to the values the Briebart espouses, values which many view as sexist, racist, and anti-Semitic.  

In pulling its advertising, Kellogg joins Target and Allstate in taking this stance.   

The call for a boycott has been zipping around social media postings by Trump and Breibart supporters. 

The website, which for a long time flew under the radar of the mainstream media, gained national attention when its former chief Steve Bannon become President-elect Donald Trump's senior advisor.  

The situation here is somewhat different than that of the previously-discussed threats against the founder of Chobani Yogurt, who is under fire by many on the right for his support of African and Middle Eastern refugees. In that case, we suggested that an anti-boycott (i. e. intentionally buying Chobani products) might be a good way to go for those who find such threats to violate the core values in the struggle for social justice.    

In the case of Kellogg, this appears to be a business decision as much as a "values" decision -- on both sides of the fence. Kelloggs (and Target and Allstate) may very well be driven by their values, but they also know their customers. For its part, Briebart doesn't want to lose any more advertising revenues.  

Don't be a pawn. If you support Breibart and its values, then, by all means, join the boycott and encourage others to do so.  If you stand in opposition to Breibart, then join the Anti-Boycott and stock your shelves with Kellogg's products.  

Social justice may be a verb, but actions without thought are dangerous no matter your political views.  Make up your own mind, and then act.


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